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Beauty. Security. Safety. These are three of the many reasons why you might be interested in Architectural Lighting from Metro Atlanta’s fastest-growing Lightscapers, Divine Lightscapes Atlanta. Whether you’re looking to raise your home’s curb appeal, or curb the appeal of unwanted nighttime guests and predators, Outdoor Architectural Lighting from Divine Lightscapes can revolutionize your home-owning experience.

Let’s explore the greatest advantages of investing in professional Outdoor Home Lighting!


Any average technician can set up a flood light and point it at your house. But the service professionals from Divine Lightscapes Atlanta are by no means average. In fact, they prefer to think of the darkened silhouette of your house as a canvas. And they view their amazingly, efficient, durable, beautiful, shimmering LED illuminators can give your home an extra layer of depth and beauty that you might never have even noticed otherwise. There’s something special about accent lighting, and about choosing the most perfect spots to accentuate your beautiful home. Just like a renowned artist, it is important for an experienced Lightscape professional to know the exact choices they should make when lighting your home. Effervescent Bliss. Perfectly Shimmering Class and Style. Elegant Simplicity. The right choices. With the right equipment. All installed at a great price from the right Professional Lightscaper. Get ready to be the subtle envy of every neighbor. Your home will look so beautifully lit, even the sunset will tip its cap in recognition and respect. That’s what makes our Lightscapes truly Divine.


We all know that some things ‘go bump in the night.’ Wouldn’t you like to ensure that none of the things crawling around in the night ‘bump’ into your home, property, or loved ones? Most law enforcement regimes, insurance agencies, and even home owners associations agree that the addition of artificial illuminance greatly increases your home’s chance for safety. This is especially true in areas with inconsistent public street lighting. It is also very true in areas like subdivisions or housing developments. If your neighbor’s house is well lit, and you have a single, dingy porch light to illuminate your entire home and property, guess which house the night vagrants are going to gravitate to? And similarly, if both houses are in the dark, the first one to invest in proper outdoor lighting might be the one who staves off unwanted activity from nighttime stragglers. We obviously aren’t saying you should sabotage your neighbor’s security by installing outdoor lighting in lieu of them. Actually, Divine Lightscapes Atlanta cares about both of your homes. We would love to serve the entire neighborhood!


Just because the sun goes down, it doesn’t mean that your residential activities also come to a halt. You still have to take out the trash. You might be coming in from a late afternoon jog. You or your spouse might be coming home a little later than expected. You may need to take the dog out to, well, you know. The kids may come home after dark. You may need to unhook the sprinkler hose. The list goes on and on. The reasons that you may need to shuffle around the exterior of your home or property are different and random as they are private. We don’t need to know your business. But at Divine Lightscapes, we make it our business to keep you and your loved ones safe at night, and your property trails well lit.

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