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Do you remember those relaxing, slow-motion commercials that are set in someone’s backyard in the late evening? Do you remember how much everyone is laughing? Sharing what looks like the best backyard food and beverages they’ve ever had? Telling stories? Enjoying each other’s company so much that daytime has turned into night, and they never missed a beat? Have you ever noticed how strangely beautiful everyone looks in those commercials? Sure, they’re all probably models, actors, and actresses, but there’s something very special about the way everyone looks.

What exactly is it that makes these backyard scenes so special? Is the slow-motion film? Perhaps. Is the smiling, happy faces from the beautiful people? Maybe so. But think about it. What common thread runs through all these outdoor episodes; these snapshots of classic, lifelong memories with friends and loved ones? What one item would any successful outdoor setting have to have in order to exist? Well the answer is actually rather simple: Beautiful, shimmering, luminescent outdoor landscape lighting. Without beautiful backyard lighting, property lighting, pool lighting, or patio area lighting, these beautiful moments would never be visible. Therefore, their existence would not be viable.

At some point, someone had to say “Let there be light!”

Divine Lightscapes Atlanta knows how important it is to combine all three major elements of Outdoor Lighting: beauty, security, and safety. We’ve already explored the wonder of outdoor lighting beauty in the above sections, but now, let’s turn our attention to safety and security, and what it can mean for your home, your property, your loved ones, your guests, and your total home enjoyment experience.

Having your pool illuminated can keep neighborhood kids out of it when you don’t want them there. Aqua illumination can also keep your loved ones, your pets, or even stray animals from wandering into a wet surprise, or a terrible demise. Having your front yard and backyard landscaping, or free-standing architecture lit with Landscape Lighting can give your property’s canvas a beautiful, glowing accent while giving you valuable nighttime vision parameters.

Having your backyard tree line illuminated can really define your property line, and create a kind of backyard “room.” Using this beautifully lit room, with divinely glowing “walls,” you and your loved ones can feel safe and secure while knowing exactly what enters your property line at night. This “room,” and these “walls,” can only be beautifully constructed by a Lightscape expert who knows how to light a tree line, and which trees are best for year round illumination. When you choose to work with Divine Lightscapes Atlanta, you can rest assured that your illumination expert knows exactly how to light up your landscaping to maximize aesthetic beauty, property security, and family safety. Call your expert today.

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