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Whether you are looking to enhance your architectural beauty, increase your residential or commercial safety, or enrich you and your loved one’s security, Divine Lightscapes Atlanta can meet and exceed all your desires for beautiful outdoor lighting.

A Well Lit House
Have you ever experienced an upgrade that is so great, you don’t know how you ever lived without it?

For instance, that 50+ inch flat screen you have mounted on your living room wall seems fairly normal now. But try going back to the 19 inch console TV for the big game, and see how you feel. Chances are that your group of friends would find somewhere else to watch the Superbowl.

Okay, now look down at your phone. What do you see? Rotary Dial? Curly Chord? Lengthy Wires? Doubtful. If you looked down at a phone, it was probably not a home phone. Or even a cell phone. It was very likely a smartphone. In fact, you may be reading this on a smart phone! Now, consider waking up tomorrow, and losing the advantage of having a wireless cellular device, wireless internet, email, text messaging, games, calendars, cameras, youtube, facebook, or whatever else you generally have at your fingertips, at almost any given moment. How do you feel? While most people wouldn’t actually admit to the amount of potential anguish they felt just thinking about it, most would admit that when something great, or helpful, or beautiful comes into our existence, we can’t imagine being without it.

At Divine Lightscapes Atlanta, we believe this very same principle applies to most, if not all, of our esteemed patrons. Maybe they used to live in a world of relative darkness. They, just like you, were relegated to a world where limited street lights, outdated front porch lights, inconsistent security flood lights with flickering, temperamental motion detectors were the only options for nighttime housing, property line, landscape, front yard, backyard, or pathway lighting.

Why waste another day, or night, with inadequate housing, landscape, or pathway lighting? Did you know that Divine Lightscapes can give you three things that you’ve always wanted, all at one time? If you have considered outdoor lighting for your residential or commercial property, you probably had these three things that you wanted to accomplish. Security, Safety, and Beauty. Maybe in that order. Maybe not in that order. But regardless of priority, you wanted to be able to keep yourself, your loved ones, and your treasures secure at night. A house without proper illumination is an open invitation for thieves or wild animals. You also want to give yourself and your loved ones the feeling that they actually ARE safe. Professional outdoor lighting can accomplish this as well. And beauty? Well, if you haven’t seen one of our amazing lightscape projects, you really should. It can be a breathtaking experience. Why should you hide your beautiful home? Proper, professional outdoor lighting services from Divine Lightscapes Atlanta can give you a perfectly illuminated home, yard, property line, driveway, pool, patio….this list can go on forever. Come see our work! Experience our expertise and craftsmanship for yourself! Call us for an estimate, a consultation, or schedule a Lighting Demonstration for your home or business. We can guarantee, though, that once you’ve experienced the home and lifestyle upgrade of professional outdoor lighting, you’ll never know how you ever lived without it.

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