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You’ll have to forgive Tim Snyder if he knows a lot about professional lightscaping. He comes by it honestly. His father, Tim Snyder Sr., is one of Charlotte, North Carolina’s most renowned lightscapers. He continues in his father’s footsteps as a highly reputable professional lightscaper in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Owner – Tim Snyder

Tim Snyder of Divine Lightscapes not only “cut his teeth” as an adolescent and teenage prodigy of professional lightscaping services, but he also brought a youthful vigor and enthusiasm to Divine Lightscapes. That’s perhaps why he had such immediate success when he launched Divine Lightscapes upon his relocation to the Metro Atlanta area. Though neither Tim Snyder nor the Metro Atlanta area may have realized at the time how perfect was the pairing of location and lightscaping service professional, no one can deny how beneficial it has been!

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About Our Trusted Services

From Metro Atlanta, to Cobb, to Alpharetta, everywhere around and everywhere in between, residential and commercial customers agree that Divine Lightscapes truly offers the very best in customized, prestigious, comfort lighting for your:

  • Home

  • Architecture

  • Landscaping

  • Driveway

  • Pathways

  • Entryways

  • And Much More

We will perfect the outdoor lighting for your home, business, or property to bring added beauty, safety, and security.

We excel in customized LED lighting for your residential or commercial needs. We can help make your home or business the envy of all your neighbors.

We Guarantee Complete Satisfaction

A guarantee is only as good as the man who sold it to you. Tim Snyder is the man you want standing behind your guarantee. He’s not satisfied with his lightscaping services until you are completely happy. He doesn’t consider any job finished that doesn’t also include your complete satisfaction with your new or renovated lightscaping services.

It’s how he was raised. It’s how he was trained. It’s what he firmly believes in. You can rest assured that Tim Snyder won’t rest until your job is complete.

Please feel free to check out our gallery of services rendered, or schedule a free consultation for your own home.

Whether you are looking to enhance your architectural beauty, increase your residential or commercial safety, or enrich you and your loved one’s security, Divine Lightscapes can meet and exceed all your desires for beautiful outdoor lighting. You can reach us at 404-242-1022, or contact us online.