Have a Lighting Issue? Get Expert Landscape Lighting Repair

All outdoor lighting will need maintenance and repairs from time to time, no matter how high quality the equipment is or how well it is installed. Numerous things can cause these repair needs, from extreme weather to age-related problems.

Divine Lightscapes is experienced with fixing every type of lighting repair that has reared its head in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding area, and we’re ready to help you next. We’ll get you back to relaxing and enjoying your illuminated landscape.

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We Can Fix an Array of Lighting Issues

Our landscape lighting repair services include:

  • Bulb Replacement – Have one or more bulbs out? We can replace them quickly.

  • Electrical Component Repair – When it comes to your lights’ wiring, we want you to stay safe. If you are using our products, the risk of harm is minimal, but we will still respond with the urgency you deserve.

  • Fixture Adjustment – We can correct any lights that have fallen out of place.

  • Reviving Old Lighting Systems – You don’t always have to put extra dollars in to save your landscape lighting. We can make repairs that enable you to spend less money.

  • Design Recommendations – Sometimes your lighting isn’t satisfactory because of a design issue. We can make the right adjustments.

If anything else is amiss, just let us know, and we will provide a professional solution. We will also test your system to make sure everything is in top shape before leaving you to enjoy your outdoor lighting.

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Enjoy Your Landscape Lighting Once More

Divine Lightscapes is happy to support the homes of the surrounding Atlanta area with professional nighttime illumination, ensuring safety, security and beauty. From start to finish, we stay until we get the job done right. We are responsive to even the smallest adjustments that you wish to make.

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