Bring the Benefits of Soffit Lighting to Your Home’s Exterior

Here’s a trend that’s here to stay: soffit lighting. Soffit lighting is recessed lighting for the exterior of your home that points downward. Previously popular in kitchens, living rooms and other indoor spaces, this type of lighting gives a very sophisticated look to the outside of your home as well when designed and installed correctly.

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Soffit Lighting Ideas

Maybe you have a vision for your soffit lighting in mind already, or maybe you’re looking for suggestions. Our design experts can help you find the best placement for these lights. They are normally installed right under the lip of your roof. These are a few popular options:

  • Above Garage – This provides a wash of light for evening and early morning car trips.

  • All Over – This is an easy way to provide extra visibility for your home and help increase safety and security.

  • Above Door – Often, the lighting that came with your home is not adequate or attractive enough. We can redo this so that you have clear visibility when entering or leaving your home at night without it being an eyesore.

  • Artistic – You can have the lights placed here and there and in combination with other lighting types for a purely aesthetic appeal.

To see this in action, you can check out our lighting gallery .

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