Illuminate Your Yard’s Natural Beauty Using Our Landscape Tree Lighting Service

Sometimes the best parts of our landscape aren’t made of brick or mortar but are alive and might even be dynamic from season to season. Landscape tree lighting is a great way to take advantage of the natural features of your yard and use them to enlarge your lightscape or add extra glamour.

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Get Landscape Tree Lighting to Set Off Your Best Trees


We Design For Your Trees & Shrubs

There are many different types of trees that thrive in the Atlanta area, including:

  • Deciduous: Maple, Japanese Maple, Hickory, Deodar Cedar, Eastern Redbud, Flowering Dogwood, Tulip Poplar, River Birches, Crape Myrtles

  • Evergreen: Holly, Southern Magnolias, Cypress, Hemlock, Spruce, Juniper, Boxwood, Palm, Green Giants, Aborvitae

It’s important to consider what you’ve got and if there is any flowering you would like to have accentuated at those times of the year. Some are placed individually, and some are used to create “walls” or work with other landscape aspects. Also, leaf turning in deciduous trees may be affected with direct lighting.

Along with trees and shrubs, there are accent options for other plants as well, including:

  • Trellis Plants & Vine Plants

  • Liriope & Other Low-Lying Plants

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There is a reason that Divine Lightscapes is so widely trusted in Atlanta and the surrounding area. Not only is our track record filled completely with successful, durable lighting setups, but we also stick to the customer’s vision. We are here every step of the way for expert design advice and product suggestions.

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