Get String Lighting Installed in Your Outdoor Space

Do you have an outdoor space that is too dark or lacks the level of security you would like? Getting string lighting for your outdoor space is a great way to provide illumination over walkways, pools, patios or firepit areas. The glow that string lights provide creates an ambiance and an added layer of security for your outdoor space.
Our string lights are designed to fit your specific needs, allowing us to illuminate your outdoor area to enhance its appearance. Call Divine Lightscapes at (404) 242-1022 today to learn more about our outdoor string lighting designs.

Illuminate Your Outdoor Space with String Lighting

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String Lighting Design for Outdoor Spaces

String lighting is highly versatile due to the fact that you can use it in many ways to light your outdoor area. Whether you want soft mood lighting or a bistro or vintage feel, string lighting is the perfect choice. At Divine Lightscapes, we provide a variety of outdoor string lighting options to choose from including: 

  • LED String Lights 
  • Dimmable String Lights 
  • Waterproof String Lights 

Within our outdoor string lighting options, we offer customized design to ensure that your string lights match your outdoor set up best. We will also create a custom stainless steel pulley system for your string lights to allow them to be lowered and serviced with ease. 

Having string lighting installed will not only heighten the way you experience your outdoor space, but it can also increase the value of your property. Additionally, string lighting makes your outdoor area more functional and enjoyable for your personal use and for when you entertain guests.

Why Choose Divine Lightscapes?

At Divine Lightscapes we pride ourselves on integrity and service, aiming to create the best outdoor lighting for your property. We offer free consultations to discuss various lighting options for your outdoor space, ranging from string lighting to other outdoor lighting choices. With our years of experience designing outdoor lighting and bringing outdoor spaces to life, we are confident that we can make your outdoor lighting vision a reality, which is why we provide a complete satisfaction guarantee To learn more about our string lighting services, call us at (404) 242-1022.